Top 10 Recommended emeda premade products –The Ultimate Review

Looking for the perfect gift can be a daunting task. You want to find something that is unique and special, but you also don’t want to spend a fortune. Luckily, there are plenty of great emeda premade products out there that won’t break the bank. So take a look at our top picks and find the perfect present for everyone on your list.

EMEDA Short Stem 8D Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions Mixed Tray premade lash extensions fans Middle Tape Wider Stem Russian lash extension premade fans (8D .07 D 9-15mm Mix Length)


  • THE NEW and IMPROVED QUALITY: Made of the premium PBT silk material. Each of EMEDA premade fans eyelash extensions is subject to strict quality inspection to ensure the coincident length,curl, thickness.Perfectly spaced symmetrical shape.
  • 8D 0.07mm MIX TRAY 9-15mm: Best for creating fluffy, dramatic Russian volume lash sets. 12 rows/tray,total 120 fans.
  • SUPERB CURL & FIRMLY BASE: Through baking technology make curl long lasting. EMEDA 8D premade fans are precisely and firmly bonded at the root to ensure not fall apart.
  • BETTER ADHESION: Compared to fans that have a pointy base, these 8D premade fans have wider stems that allow a larger bonding area for the lashes to improve adhesion.
  • BETTER ADHESION: Compared to fans that have a pointy base, these 8D premade fans have wider stems that allow a larger bonding area for the lashes to improve adhesion.

EMEDA Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions 5D Mix Tray 9-15mm Premade Volume Eyelash Extensions 0.07mm C Curl Hand Made Short Stem Mega Pre Made Fanned Volume Lash Extensions (5D 0.07 C 9-15mm Mixed)


  • EMEDA PREMADE FANS EYELASH EXTENSIONS:5D premade volume fans,0.10mm thickness,9-15mm mix tray,120 fans one tray.
  • THIN BASE SOFT&FEATHERWEIGHT:These premade fans are made from PBT synthetic silk, gorgeous matte finish, are extremely lightweight so like your own lashes.Super thin bases will provide a great bond with the natural lashes, assuring a better retention and results.
  • SAVE LASH TIME WITH EMEDA PREMADE FANS:For those who aren’t familiar to volume approaches or beginners, premade lash extensions fans make lashing easier.Pre-made fans eliminates the need to create fans of manually.Premade fans can help lash artists of all skill and experience levels add depth, length, drama and curl to a client’s natural lashes.
  • NEW UPDATE SPECIAL BASE heat bonded without falling apart:These fans use a special heating method that keeps the lash not falling.
  • AFTER SALE SERVICE COMMITMENT:Any problem,wrong items,broken box or don’t like this type lashes,please let me know,we will give you a satisfactory solution.

EMEDA Volume Lash Extensions C Curl 0.07mm Mixed Tray 8-15mm Easy Fan Volume Lashes Automatic Rapid Self Fanning Blooming Flower2D-20D Eyelash Extensions (0.07 C 8-15 Mix)


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    EMEDA Thin Base 10D Premade Fans Eyelash Extensions 0.07 D Curl Mix Tray 9-15mm Volume Lash Extensions Pointed Slim Needle Base Long Stem 12mm 13mm 14mm 15mm Pre Made Fanned Lash Fans Russian Eye Lashes (10D 0.07 D Curl 9-15mm Mixed )


    • ✔POINTY SLIM INVISIBLE BASE :These fans don’t have flat square base.By achieving that wrap around the lash to ensure rootless skinny bases. Meanwhile the bond and retention will be achieved stronger. The base will not get apart when pick up. It is overlying.
    • ✔PERFECT THICKNESS:Thickness 0.1mm ,if you fell the 0.07mm is too thin or 0.15mm is too thick,this 0.1mm will suit for you.
    • ✔10 fans each row , there are 12 rows in one tray ,total 120 fans per tray
    • ✔ Long Stem narrow wide fans for the flufiest look
    • ✔ Save yourself time and Achieve a full ,fluffy volume look in the same time as a claasic services.

    EMEDA Eyelash Extension Tweezers for Isolation Separation Natural Lashes with Short Tiny Mini L Tips 45 Degree Professional Precision Stainless Steel Volume Lash Tweezers for Premade Fans (AS10)


    • Volume Tweezers Tools:L 45 degree volume tweezers,easy to pick up or make volume fans.
    • HIGH CLOSURE: The tips of whole boot is lay flush,close completely.good grip,easy to pick up any lashes.
    • LIGHT & COMFORTABLE: Lashing tweezers precision crafted tips perfectly aligned arms.Comfortable hand feeling Dosen’t cause hand fatigue
    • Excellent Workmanship : Stainless steel material with surface sandblasting,doesn’t rust,non-slip.
    • Good Tip Hardness : HRC amounts reach to 40 above, Not easy to deformation.

    Y Lash Extensions C Curl .07mm 8-12mm Mix Tray Premade Volume 2D Fans Eyelash Extension .07 Mix YY Type Wispies Soft Eye Lashes Supplies by EMEDA (0.07 C MIX 8-12 )


    • Eyelash Extensions C Curl .07mm 8- 12mm Mixed Tray Y Shape New Style Weave Premade Fans Individual Extension Eye Lashes Profesional Soft Premade Volume Fans for Supplies by EMEDA
    • 10 ROWS Mixed Tray:8mm*1,9mm*1,10mm*2,11mm*3,12mm*3
    • The Y lashes curve beginning after the strands split into the top part of the Y. This makes each row to appear 1mm longer than the respective row of the same curve of a classic lash strip. For example a 12mm long Y LOOKS as long as a 13mm long classic lash of the same curve.
    • Curl:C Curl Thickness:0.07mm Length:8-12mm mixed tray Feature:Air double tips,handemade weave,automatic rapid blooming, Package Include:10 rows/pack
    • Air Double Tips The effect of grafting one root equals two Hair tip naturally dense.

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    EMEDA Colored Lash Extensions Easy Fan Volume Lashes Colorful Purple 2D-20D Rapid Automatic Blooming Flower Self Fanning Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions (0.07mm D Curl 9-15mm mix Purple)


    • PURPLE 9-15mm MIX LENGTH COLORED LASHES TRAY: EMEDA colored lash extensions tray is specialized designed for colored lashes lovers and lash artists. Each color is the most versatile and classic color meanwhile brings a unique facet of your personality.Highly utilised and suitable for different coloured eyes.
    • SOFT LIGHTWEIGHT&EASY TO USE: Color lashes extension made from superior synthetic silk material cruelty free.After production of dye, no fading,bright color and stable curl. Besides, speed up lashing time by using these easy fan volume lashes instead of single classic lashes.EMEDA easy fan colored eyelash extensions allow you to create perfect volume fans within seconds.Sticky lash strip prevents your volume fans from separating at the base.Perfect for beginners and save your time or money.
    • MAKE YOUR EYES LOOK BRIGHT, CHARMING AND ATTRACTIVE WITH EMEDA COLOR LASHES. Give your clients a full color lash set, or adding to classic black sets or DIY at home to create a dynamic flare!Take your lash look to be gaze with EMEDA colored lashes. Perfect for daily party,shows,birthday,Halloween,Christmas,various festivals masquerade and so on.
    • AVAILABLE IN AN ARRAY OF SPECTACULAR COLORS:EMEDA also offers a choice of neon colored eyelashes,ombre colored lash extensions,pink,white and brown colored eyelash extensions,with lengths up to 9- 25mm.Search”EMEDA COLORED LASH EXTENSIONS” from amazon to speek more surprise!
    • AFTER SALE SERVICE COMMITMENT:Any problem,wrong items,broken box or don’t like this type lashes,please let us know,we will give you a new replacement or other satisfactory solution.IG:@EMEDALASHES.US

    EMEDA Colored Lash Extensions D Curl .07 Red Golden Yellow Green Blue Purple 6 Different Color 20mm Extra Long Pop Hot Colorful Classic Single Individual Eyelash Extensions (0.07mm D Curl Mix 20mm)


    • EMEDA colored lash extensions 0.07mm thickness D curl mix 6 colors styles include: Red*2 rows,Golden*2 rows,Yellow*2 rows,Green*2 rows,Blue*2 rows,Purple*2 rows-12 rows total.One tray includes all hot pop colored lashes and each one brings a unique facet of your personality.
    • SOFT LIGHTWEIGHT: These color lashes extension made from superior synthetic silk material cruelty free,and just like your own lashes.After production of dye, no fading ,bright color and stable curl.
    • Give your clients a full colour lash set, or adding to classic black sets to create a dynamic flare!Distinguish this lash moment with a standout lash style. Crafting a vibrant look and trend all your own has never been easier.
    • Take your lash look to be gaze with EMEDA colored lashes. EMEDA also offers a choice of blue, purple,pink,white,red,green and brown lashes .Length:9-15mm mix,13mm 15m 20mm 25mm single length.Perfect for party,shows,birthday,Halloween,Christmas and various festivals masquerade and so on.
    • AFTER-SALES SERVICE: If there is any dissatisfaction with the product, we will give you a full refund or replace your product.please IG us in time, we will do our best to solve it for you, and hope to give us valuable advice. look forward to your letter. [email protected]

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    EMEDA 15-20mm Eyelash Extensions Easy Fan Volume Lashes 2D-20D Rapid Automatic Blooming Flower Mega Volume Lash Extensions 0.07mm D Curl 15-20mm Self Fanning Lashes (0.07mm D 15-20mm)


    • ▷Easy Fan Volume Lashes: blooming automatically in one second, You can make the fans become 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D -20D volume lash extensions easily. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced technician,can make fans better and faster.
    • ▷Upgraded Easy Fanning Volume Lashes: special crafts blooming eyelash extensions,1-second blooming lashes, right amount of glue use,can make fans easily but not easy to fall apart.
    • ▷High Temperature Resistance flowering Lashes:advanced fixing method makes the curl keeps stable,and long lasting,even if you are steaming in the sauna,the lashes will keep it curl.
    • ▷Efficient Grafting Lash Extension Work: fast fan lashes saves about half of the time compared to classic eyelash extensions,make your client more satisfied.
    • ▷Guarantee: You can contact us no matter what questions you have,we will reply to you ASAP,thank you for choosing EMEDA.Have a nice day. 🙂

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